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ADUs and Multi-Generational Living

What is an ADU you may be asking yourself. An Accessory Dwelling Unit is simply a secondary unit (usually smaller) complete with a kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities that is on the same parcel as the primary unit. There are several benefits to owning an ADU such as:

  • Ability to assist family members by providing needed housing. For example this could be an adult child, an aging parent or grandparent.
  • Seperate residence for a trusted caretaker. 
  • Extra income for the primary owner from renting out the ADU 
  • Increased property value

You may now be asking yourself why you would want a tenant living on your property? With rents continuing to rise since 1988 an ADU may bring in that extra income you've been searching for to renovate your primary home, pay off debts, or help fund your retirement. 

Additionally with only 28.2% of Millennials being homeowners and 57 million Americans living in multi generational homes in 2012, and ADU may be the solution to the "Failure to Launch Syndrome" occurring in many households today. 

There can be benefits to both owners and renters of ADUs as descried in this Seattle Time's article. 


 The stunning high bank waterfront home in the video above is located in Gig Harbor and offers an incredible 4,464 sq. ft. main house as well as a generous 1,826 sq. ft. fully permitted guest house! This guest house is unique as regulations have changed and today an ADU of this size would not be permitted. Imagine the possibilities before you with a second residence that offers 2 bedrooms, 1.75 bathrooms, an attached 2 car garage and a lovely sunny deck. Earn extra income renting it to help pay the mortgage or provide comfortable, private accommodates for your guests, or this could be your perfect multigenerational home. 


The meandering path leads from the main house to the side entry of the guest house, 412 42nd Ave NW, Gig Harbor. 

The guest house has it's own attached 2 car garage and private driveway! 

The living room is flooded in natural light with a handsome tongue and groove wood ceiling. 

Well equipped kitchen and the open floor plan make this a lovely entertaining space. 

Your friends, family, renters, caretaker, or guests can enjoy the benefits of this waterfront home! 


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